The site:

  • Page content does not have the distraction of unnecessary adornment;
  • all pages printer friendly; and,
  • pages are as low an overhead as possible with respect to the file size and therefore time to load
  • There is sufficient material on the site to enable the visitor to soberly read about, and, receive the true gospel experientially.

The material:

  • Is from established Experiential preachers or authors who do not demonstrate a tolerance of Arminianism (or tolerant Calvinism)
  • The preference is that material should whenever possible be original i.e. with the absolute minimum edit and use of native English.
  • We do not solicit or provide mail-outs, newsletter etc., although specific requests for sermons, writings etc, may be provided on request.


  • Truegospel does not endorse any site lightly. Automatically precluded are sites with: wide content; containing Icons, images or other deliberate common distractions.