James Kidwell Popham (1847-1937)


  J K Popham Sermons
1 A New and Living Way
2 A Revelation of Christ
3 All-Sufficient
4 Altogether Lovely
5 Christ All in All
6 Christ Dwelling in the Heart by Faith
7 Christ the End of the Law for Righteousness
8 Christ's Glory in the Church
9 Entreaty for the Word of Truth
10 Faith and Repentance
11 God's Way Perfect
12 Help Laid on a Mighty One
13 Imperishable Grace
14 It Is Finished
15 Led of the Spirit
16 No Condemnation
17 On Spurgeon, Moody and Sankey
18 One With Christ Risen
19 Our Need of Prayer
20 Overcoming by Faith in the Son of God
21 Saints Gathered to the Lord
22 Sanctification
23 Sinners Given and Coming to Christ
24 Straying Sheep Restored
25 The Afflicted Heard
26 The Atonement
27 The Authority and Efficacy of the Word
28 The Ceremonial Sacrifices Superseded by Christ
29 The Certainty of Things Believed
30 The Covenant of Grace
31 The Divine Teacher
32 The Father Well Pleased in Christ
33 The Form of Sound Words
34 The Glorious Gospel
35 The Good Fight of Faith
36 The Inshinning of the Gospel
37 The Law Done Away by the Gospel and the Gospel Which Remains
38 The Returning Prodigal
39 The Spirit's Work in Conviction
40 The Spirit's Work in Glorifying Christ
41 The Testimony of the Trinity
42 This Man Receiveth Sinners
43 To Know Christ and His Resurrection
44 Union of Christ
45 Unsearchable Riches of Christ